Traditions – Find Your Power


We know what commercial
tobacco is doing to us.

We know their tobacco
is not our tobacco.

And we know that many
of us are addicted.

We also know that many
of us are helping each
other stay addicted,
instead of helping each
other quit.


Those of us who have been
able to quit have found
our strength, our power…
in each other.

We find it in our children.
We find it in our wise elders.
We find it in our
brothers and sisters.
We find it in each other.

We are the power.

When you
see this symbol,

it means someone is asking you
for support for quitting their
addiction to commercial tobacco,
or that they are honoring a
similar request from someone
else. It is a sign of our mutual
respect for, and sacred
trust in one another.