Keep It Sacred – Find Your Power

When we talk about your power,
we’re referring to the kind of power
Crazy Horse had.


Crazy Horse was born near Rapid Creek
in the mid 1800s. We can’t show you
his picture because no photographs were
ever taken of him. We can’t show you his
handwriting because he never signed a
treaty or any other “official” document.
Crazy Horse wanted only to protect his
people and their way of life, and never
wanted or needed anything from any
other culture but his own. That’s why
we’re fairly sure he would never have
wanted anything to do with commercial
tobacco. Because his people have a powerful,
sacred tobacco tradition all their own.

desktop_about_pipe For tribes throughout North America, the use of traditional tobacco for spiritual, ceremonial, and medicinal purposes goes back thousands of years.

Traditional tobacco among the Northern Plains tribes is not the same as commercial tobacco such as cigarettes or chew. South Dakota tribes use ċanśaśa which comes from red willow bark.

Among South Dakota tribes, tobacco is an important part of spiritual life. Tobacco helps connect the human experience by providing a means of communicating with the spirit world and the Creator. Traditional tobacco is smoked using ceremonial pipes and the smoke is not inhaled. Pipe design varies among the different tribes, with pipe stems often made of ash or sumac and pipe bowls carved from various types of stone and clay. desktop_about_tobacco_ties

Ċanśaśa is used to pray to the 4 directions and the Creator. It also is used in tobacco ties as an offering to the spirits.

Together we are strong.
Together we can fight back against commercial tobacco.

You are the power.

Commercial tobacco and vape are not our sacred tobacco. There is nothing traditional about addiction to these products. Yet the tobacco and vape industries spend tens of millions every year in South Dakota to market their products to our families. They aren’t just taking our money, they are taking our lives.

Traditional Tobacco vs. Commercial Tobacco

Traditional Commercial
Not inhaled Inhaled
Sacred Not sacred
Not easy to get or convenient, scarce Easy & convenient
Simple, humble, common, not flashy Fast/rushed
Spiritual For profit
Not addictive Addictive
Natural / Ikċe (wild, in a state of nature) Unnatural, processed, has additives, harmful
No additives & absence of negative health consequences Diseases related to product include cancer, emphysema, heart disease, breathing problems, pre-term birth, mouth cancer, SIDS
Used in a respectful manner Not used with respect
Red Brown
Deliberative, thoughtful Broad consumption by general population
Appropriateness Recreational
With awareness For pleasure
Used in moderation Casual
Generosity Wakaŋ siċa (Satan, a devil, the bad spirit)
Used in community and social content Used individually as a personal choice
Sacred Willow: Keeping Tobacco Traditional

Know the difference

Traditional Tobacco
Commercial Tobacco